A bad credit score is a more common problem than you think. Many Americans faced financial difficulties, resulting in a drop in their credit score. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you won’t be approved for a loan if you need it. We know that financial emergencies such as home repairs and car repairs can happen when you least expect them. There are so many lenders that cater to individuals with a bad credit score, meaning that you can obtain a loan in no time. These lenders will assess essential factors other than your credit score to get you approved for a loan.

1. Best Egg

If you have a fair credit score, Best Egg is a lender that suits your needs. The minimum FICO score for approval is 600, and you can apply for a minimal amount of $2,000. This is one of the bad credit lenders that offer reasonable rates and can offer secured loans.


2. Upstart

Upstart will suit your needs if you lack a lengthy credit history, with a required minimum of 580. Other requirements are a steady income of $12,000. However, they charge an origination fee and aren’t very flexible with the payment terms.


3. Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans is a site that will connect you with the right company from an extensive network of lenders. They will connect you with a lender that suits your needs without charging you extra money for the service. Make sure to check the different offers they give you and decide on the best offer.



To make it easier for those with less than perfect credit scores, this lender offers secured loans and the option to add a co-signer. Expect to receive your funds up to three days after submitting your loan application, as their prices are pretty fast.


5. Universal Credit

If you have problems getting approved with other lenders, Universal Credit has loose requirements. However, expect to pay slightly higher interest rates. Even if you have a high DTI ratio, this lender can provide you with a loan amount starting at a minimum of $1,000. If you sign up for autopay to make sure you won’t miss a payment, you will get a discount.



LendingPoint requires a minimum score of 600, while they won’t’ perform a hard credit check that will harm your current score. You can receive the money as fast as one business day upon approval. However, they charge origination fees and late fees.


7. Lending Club

When it is too tough to get a loan with bad credit, this lender offers the chance to add a co-signer. Some of the benefits they offer are a grace period of 15 days and an easy application process.



Avant will get you approved if your score is more than 550, which is a good option for bad credit. They are pretty flexible, allowing you to change your payment day according to your needs. They also offer secured loans as an option in case you want to achieve lower interest rates.



This lender allows you to take a minimum amount of $300, which might be enough to cover your costs without accumulating extra debt. Even if you don’t’ have a credit score, they will consider your application.



The minimum amount is $1,000, while you can get a max of $50,000 through this lender. You will instantly know whether your application is approved, which is a time-saving feature. However, expect to pay an origination fee that ranges from 2.8% to 8%.




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