Get a Cash Advance

A cash advance is a short-term loan against your credit card. Whether you have an unexpected cost, payday is late, or don’t have enough money on your account balance, this financing method will provide you with the needed funds. You can obtain a cash advance from an ATM, bank, or payday lender. Knowing that not every place accepts a credit card payment, these are very helpful for sorting out any financial trouble that arises unexpectedly. Some of the benefits include fast access to cash and a quick approval process. However, make sure not to let the convenience trick you into using the cash advance too often.

How much money can you get from a cash advance loan?

How much money you will get depends on your available credit limit. Keep in mind that the lenders will make only a tiny portion of your credit limit available for withdrawing as cash. You can receive around 20% to 30% in cash from your available limit. However, this depends on your credit card issuer. Some might go forward and allow you to withdraw 50% of the credit limit. However, make sure to check your monthly statement for the correct amount applicable to your specific case.

Can you secure a cash advance loan if you have a bad credit score?

A cash advance doesn’t require a credit check. The loan doesn’t show up individually in your credit report but rather as a part of your credit card balance. However, have in mind that the cash advance can raise your credit utilization ratio, so make sure to check before obtaining funds.

Terms and interest rates

Even though the cash advance seems like a convenient option, it isn’t the same as paying with a credit card. Keep in mind that the cash advance comes with additional fees and higher interest rates. The interest doesn’t offer a grace period, which is one of the drawbacks. This means that the interest is calculated from the first day you get your cash advance, so be careful with this financing method. Also, expect to pay a fee for this service. These service fees can come in as a percentage of the whole amount or as a flat fee. However, have in mind that the ATM operator where you withdraw the cash might add a fee.

Where to get a cash advance

Since this is a covenant and straightforward method of obtaining funds, you can quickly complete the process. There are three ways to get a cash advance:

  • Your local ATM. You will be required to enter the card’s PIN to proceed.
  • A bank that displays your card issuer’s logo.
  • Via cash advance convenience checks.

Will you get accepted for a cash advance

The cash advance doesn’t include credit checks so that you won’t be rejected because of the credit score. For a more convenient experience, make sure not to make purchases soon after the cash advance. Also, make sure to have an available credit card balance for withdrawal. If you have an existing balance, the interest will add up, and you will pay more money.